Artificial Grass Landscaping in Jacksonville

Hire Our Turf Experts For Artificial Grass Landscaping

We have some excellent artificial grass landscaping ideas available for those using synthetic turf, from the backyard to the front yard, patio area, small gardens, and pet areas. For green and clean backyards, you may use synthetic turf to create outdoor dining areas. Outdoor entertainment areas, kitchens, and dining rooms are growing in popularity, and artificial grass is the perfect accompaniment for these spaces. The perfection we provide in artificial grass landscaping in Jacksonville, Florida has no match. Get an excellent surrounding, be it the front yard, backyard, patio, driveway, kids’ play area or pets rest area. The quality of our synthetic grass comes with a guarantee of, no odor, no stains. Collaborate with our professionals to design and install stunning artificial grass that looks like real grass, and embrace a part of a modern lifestyle.

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Patio Lawn & Garden Landscaping

We brighten up your home by installing and landscaping a small artificial lawn in a shady patio. Get a soft and warm touch of fake grass that makes it easy to relax and enjoy the peace of your patio lawn and garden.


Kids’ Garden Landscaping

Make your kids play in an allergen-free lawn. Your baby can crawl safely, and your teen can study peacefully; it quickly gets dried after rains too. If by chance they spill anything, you can easily brush them back into their original state.


Roof Garden Landscaping

With our rooftop garden landscaping, avail several ecological, economic and other benefits to the urban environment. The synthetic turf we install and landscape offers incentives such as increased life of roofs and enhanced quality of life.


Porch and Deck Areas Landscaping

Our fake grass landscaping services in porch and other private outdoor areas to will not only let you relax and enjoy pleasant weather but also makes your porch a place to enjoy food and drink, conversation and scenery.


Why Hire Turf Experts from Florida Turf Company for Artificial Grass Landscaping?

Synthetic Turf Landscaping is a great way to display your favorite interior/exterior pieces.

Reasonable Estimates

We offer a fresh, clean and green look of your yard that impress both your family and any guests you entertain, at reasonable prices.

Services on-demand

Our inhouse team of turf experts is capable of providing on-demand artificial grass landscaping services to transform your surroundings and make it look fresh.

Customization available

Our landscaping services are customization, the grass we provide can be cut in any size and shape to create lawn displays that are viewed as art.

Low-maintenance solution

Whether you have a small space or want a little something extra for your patio or porch, synthetic grass can provide you with a low-maintenance solution.