Sports Field Turf in Jacksonville

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We are turf experts based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida ready to help you design and implement the proper components to create and maintain the sports field of your dreams. Our Incredible Sports Turf Services are well-known. The quality of our synthetic grass installation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is coveted by the highest-profile sports teams and clubs. Our sports field turf is easy to clean debris and dirt surface by cross fitters, functional fitness enthusiasts, cross trainers, soccer players, football players, etc.

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Field Design, Stadium Design, Consulting

From the idea to finished green pitch, our sports field turf experts provide proper planning of an artificial grass sports field construction requirements, timelines, installation & maintenance tips to maximize the end result.


Sports Field Turf Installation

Be it the renovation of your sports field or construction of a new stadium with sports turf, we make sure your outdoor landscape and interior features (wall padding, bullpens, etc.) are perfectly executed in your arena.


Recreation of Synthetic Sports Field

We help you eliminate the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs by recreating aesthetically pleasing synthetic sports field, be it indoor or outdoor.


Complete Sports Turf Maintenance

Approach us for complete sports turf maintenance including regular maintenance, magnetic cleaning, deep vacuum cleaning, de-compaction, fiber grooming, fiber & infill natural cleansing, and adding infill to your athletic fields.


Why Hire Turf Experts from Florida Turf Company?

Save time and effort while having the lush, green, maintenance free turf of your dreams.

Proven Safety

Our passion comes through in our quality work and we lay it all out on the sports field that is odorless, visually appealing and green all the time.

Certified Experts

We deliver winning solutions for athletes and sports enthusiasts with synthetic turf surfaces grounds and fields indoor and outdoor.

Top Quality

Our artificial sports field replicates the best qualities of high performing natural fields with durable and reliable synthetic turf.


Our sports field turf experts are groomed in installing synthetic grass fields that are ideal for football, soccer, crossfit, cross training, track & field, and more.