Indoor Sports Turf in Jacksonville

Hire Our Turf Experts For Indoor Sports Turf

Sports and games are fun and put you in a great mood. Indoor sports are just as effective as outdoor sports for this purpose. Indoor sports turf surfaces provide athletes with a safe venue for optimal performance, regardless of the outside weather conditions. From badminton, baseball and softball facilities to full indoor fields to strength and conditioning gyms – our synthetic turf is extremely versatile, highly durable, high-performing, visually appealing, and easy to maintain your facility needs. Our turf experts provide a layer of protection between your athletes and the concrete floor. The cost of installation can vary depending on how extensive your project will get and the type of artificial grass you choose, so contact us today to get a free quote for your project.

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Team Sports Facilities

Get weather resistant synthetic turf for your indoor sports facilities and improve the flexibility of scheduling practices in the event of inclement weather.


Gym and Fitness Centers

Set your gym or fitness facility apart by installing artificial turf for indoor sports. Our experts provide a perfect surface for athletic studios, functional fitness centers, and Crossfit™ gyms.


Batting Areas and Training Facilities

The maintenance of outdoor training facilities can be very labor-intensive. Replace natural grass with turf for indoor training to provide players many hours of play with no compromise on turf quality.


Why Hire Turf Experts from Florida Turf Company for Indoor Sports Turf?

Our artificial grass installation and landscaping services include a full line of artificial turf that is perfect for indoor facilities. It will not only keep your team spirit high but also provides safety against normal sports injuries that may take place through accidental falls.

Top-Rated Turf Quality

Our turf is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and high traffic which makes them extremely popular for any sports facility.

Variety of Turf Options

For indoor sports turf, we combine polypropylene and nylon yarns that make the surface soft to the touch but durable enough to deal with high-action sports activities.

Softness and Durability

The artificial turf we use for indoor sports facilities is of appropriate softness and thickness which eliminates the need for messy infill products.

Foam Pad & Cushion

We use a foam pad that provides a cushion over your floor that makes this grass ideal for strength & conditioning areas in any gym or fitness facility.