Putting Green Turf in Jacksonville

Hire Our Turf Experts For Putting Green Turf

If you are aware of artificial grass trends and benefits, you must be somewhat ready to plan your home putting green turf. When it comes to putting green turf, there is no better option than us. Because our synthetic turf experts are capable of improving visuals and effect by building sand bunkers, chipping stations and fringing grass selected from our array of native grass turfs. A putting green grass can range between $15 to $25 per square foot, though this quote can vary depending on how extensive your project will get.

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Backyard, front yard or our driveway- if you’re thinking about adding a putting green to your home and office surroundings, we can help. We are pro in creating a custom backyard/front yard putting green that will perfectly suit your ambiance and satisfy your requirements.


Athletic Fields

While natural grass looks nice, it can be tough to maintain especially for athletic fields, switch to putting green turf for low maintenance cost, extreme comfort, and high durability. We offer the right synthetic surface for every game and golfer.


Office Premises

Putting green turf on office premises can not only look aesthetic and pleasant but also conserve water and lower your water bills. Greener offices help with productivity and make the staff happier. So, why wouldn’t you consider putting green turf in your office?


Why Hire Turf Experts from Florida Turf Company for Putting Green Turf?

Putting green turf in your office premises, sports ground, or a home garden is a great way to feel luxurious, maintain hygiene and make others jealous.

Best Turf Experts

We have a top-rated customer support system and our turf experts are committed to your landscaping needs without any delay and with quality.

Variety of Options

You will get a variety of artificial grass options to browse the putting green options to find the perfect fit for your golfing course or any other artificial turf area.


Our green putting turf services are customizable, the turf we provide can be adjusted in any size and shape to create ambiance displays that are viewed as art.

Easy on Pockets

Putting green synthetic grass can provide you with a low-maintenance solution, be it a small space like a patio or a huge area like sports ground.