How to Impress Your Golfers With Driving Range Mats

Artificial Turf

Golfers’ impression of your driving range is habitually arbitrated on the appearance and performance of your practice area. With perfect driving range mats, you can offer golfers a place to practice golf without the investment in time that is needed by a full round.


Driving range mats have been the staple for tee lines for quite some time now. Golfers are fond of sophisticated driving ranges and judge the golfing arena based on a well-maintained tee line. Artificial grass installation can be a game-changer for the venue. It can enhance the golfing experience and keep them coming back to your yard over and over. These synthetic turfs are of impeccable quality and give a long-lasting use to the owner. Though artificial turf for the driving range has been a topic debated for a long time, the following points speak how the players can be impressed.


Artificial turf has major ecological implications

The driving ranges composed of natural grass require a whole lot of water to sustain and thrive adequately. When one seeks the artificial turf installation services the amount of water consumption to maintain the grass decreases dramatically. Another advantage is that there is no need to use fertilizers filled with chemicals to have a green field around the year. This decreases the bio-magnification of the treacherous chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers significantly causing lesser harm to the aquatic biodiversity. In order to keep the natural grass smelling fresh and pleasurable to the players, a grass deodorizer and additives are used. Synthetic turf does not require much maintenance and can be cleaned by a simple wash with minimum water.


An apt alternative for beginners

Installing driving range mats made with synthetic grass is a great way to welcome beginners who want to practice their golfing techniques on even terrain. Golf enthusiasts recommend that the consistency of the driving range mat helps perfect the strokes and eliminates the unpredictability of the natural turf. The consistent roll delivered by artificial grass can be relieving for the newcomers as there is one less variable to worry about. This helps them to keep their sole focus on improving their game in their initial sessions. Once they are acquainted with the patterns they can try their strokes on natural turf.


Synthetic turf overcomes the climatic barrier

The seasons play a major role in the upward and downward surge of the footsteps in a golfing range. Synthetic turfs present an upside and provide a solution for the times when there is a heavy downpour or chilling winters in your region. These driving range mats can be installed indoors by our experts and you can set up a cozy corner for the enthusiasts who are held back by the extremities of the weather. In case your area does not experience extreme weather you can set up the tee lines on rooftops for the players to enjoy their golfing sessions with calming and beautiful views. These scenic delights are a guaranteed way to grab the player’s attention and draw them towards your establishment.


Woo the leisure golfers with immense accessibility

There are several types of golf enthusiast and leisure golfers constitute a majority of the golfing population. Golf acts as a relaxing exercise for them and they are always up for a game to decompress and destress. Driving ranges are the best way for that as these groups of people do not have a lot of time on their hands. A well-installed set of mats makes golf accessible and fun for them. They like to pop-in whenever they have breaks in between meetings, hit a few strokes, and relax. Well-kept artificial turf attracts their tribe and make their visits increase.


The versatility of the turf always amazes the players

Driving ranges on normal grass require a lot of looking after as they are high-maintenance grounds. Putting on the same patch of ground in a driving range surely keeps the staff on their toes to re-turf and reseed the land and nurture the natural grass. Whereas when artificial turf is installed in the tee line it is ready for use at all times and does not require major looking after. The turf also prevents the grass stains and mud which makes it a perfect play date for the kids barring the mess. These artificial grass driving range mats are so versatile that they can be installed on commercial grounds, residential clubs or resorts, and recreational establishments. No matter where they are placed, these mats fit right in.