Why I Love Turf

Florida Turf Company, Jacksonville

Artificial Turf Solves a Problem.

Everyone wants to be the solver of a problem. Here’s the problem. The problem is that people throughout this great community have paid me to mow their lawn for more than a decade. 

Some of our longest tenured customers over that decade have spent nearly $40,000 with local and national companies to mow, fertilize, and water their lawn.  They pay all this money to water their lawn to make it grow. Then they pay another company to spray harmful chemicals all over their lawn to make it grow stronger, greener, and keep pest and bugs away. Then they pay me, to come mow it all down. Repeat this process 52 times a year. Now install artificial turf and your problem is solved. 

Artificial turf never requires a lawn mower. Artificial turf requires zero harmful chemicals. Artificial turf never needs to be watered. 

The products that the artificial turf manufacturers are creating today stay beautiful, and green and look professionally groomed all 52 weeks per year.  The installation of artificial turf solves a number of problems, and we feel good about installing these products, all while solving some very important environmental problems.